Piano Lessons for
Children and Adults

The Gift of Music Education
is a Gift for Life!

"Music can change the world."

My piano lessons began at age 10 when my parents enrolled me in the Butler Conservatory of Music in Sarasota, Florida. I continued my studies in music, learning violin and cello in addition to piano through the work of Mrs. Julia Rohr, who started the first program for young musicians in Sarasota County. My involvement in music continued through Sarasota High School where I was selected as the accompanist for all choral groups under the direction of Mr. Andy Wright.

Through the instruction and encouragement of these teachers, I was given the gift of learning how to play the piano and other instruments that led to my deep appreciation of music and performance. My interest in music took a back burner as my work life shifted to business in the areas of PR and Marketing, taking me to work in Miami, Mexico City, Tampa, and now home again to the Venice area.

Today, I am happily again active in music, teaching piano, as well as enjoying gardening, tennis, and time with friends, new and old, of all ages.

My program is designed to teach foundational skills to young children and older starting at 4 years of age. Each student is given a 30-minute lesson. which consists of the following: Teaching, Learning, Creative Time and above all Fun!

Is learning to play the piano on your “Bucket List”? I am now teaching adults how to enjoy learning to play the piano, either for the first time, or revisiting this instrument after many years of interest and lessons. If you have found yourself saying "I wish I'd never given up on playing the piano," then my program may be for you. You will be amazed at how much fun you are going to have!

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Nokomis, Florida